October 18, 2016

Sometimes, the best part about living in New York is getting the heck out of town. After an extremely busy few weeks, Kirk and I promised to take a full day off together and make our way out of the five boroughs. I feel endlessly fortunate that that day came on one of...

June 7, 2016

The great part about the New York music scene is that literally everybody comes here to play.The less great part is that you must stay absolutely on top of your game knowing when your favorite groups are playing and at what moment their tickets go on sale. For huge eve...

May 31, 2016

Memorial Day and Labor Day seem strange holidays to signal the "beginning" and "end" of summer to Americans (the mourning of lost soldiers and the rights of American workers?), but I do love the spirit with which we embrace them. Three-day weekends are a unifying gift...

May 3, 2016

Upon moving back to "the city" following my hallowed Summer of Rockaway, I promised myself I would find a way to keep swimming and summer in my daily life. Fortunately for me, New York has a rich history of public pools (check this article out, if only for the sick vin...

April 29, 2016

This is your Taco PSA: TACOWAY BEACH is opening early for the summer!


As of today, the best fish tacos period are just a train ride and a beach away.



302 Beach 87th street (out back of the Surf Club)
Rockaway Beach NY 11693




April 19, 2016

Since arriving back in New York, I have been asked by pretty much everybody if/when I am moving to Austin (including myself). I practically walked off the plane rehearsing the "Why We Should Live in Warmer Climes Soon" speech I would repeat upon entering my apartment....

March 29, 2016

I have a co worker with whom I regularly discuss passions. Hers: trees, leaves and all things outdoors. Mine: beach, beach, beach (to be reductive). She asked me recently, 'Kimmy, why don't you just move to California?' My reply, 'Because I live here.'

This is a self-...

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