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30"h x 24"w x 1.25"d
Acrylic on cotton canvas


Though the entirety of this painting flashed into my head complete, the image references myriad sources. First, the original cover of Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby: a saturated, city night blue also the deep indigo of more highly energized chakras. Second, the double meaning of the two ovals floating in the center of the blue screen of the background. Are they a "drishti," meaning concentration or focus of attention in yogic terms, or are they the bullseye mark of a shooting target? Holding in mind the  tragically accurate focus of the Las Vegas gunman as well as the notion of a third eye, peace, achievement and all of the things which influence our goals in life, this painting acts as an invitation to examine the things in life on which we pin our attention, our investment and our energies.

"Drishti/Target " is part of a series of five paintings focused on a palette of pink-oranges and blue hues. This streamlined colorway creates a feeling of family between the five paintings. The straightforward geometric shapes and bold colors create an impactful, energetic composition while retaining a minimalistic tone. 

Drishti/Target Practice

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