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24"h x 30"w x 1.25"

Acrylic, gesso and paper on canvas 


Unacceptable, menacing and lewd behavior that ran amok in the workplace of the past is coming to an end. Being a woman in America in 2018 feels full of possibility in a new and exciting way. A generation of young girls is suddenly growing up in a world where transparency and decency grow with every call-out and shake-down in the headlines. "Sh*thole Sisterhood" is a dance of victory and potential. It is a dance we can do when we aren't afraid of "misconduct" or "unwanted advances." It is a dance on the bones of "mere allegations" and "shithole countries." It is a dance for our new future. 
This is the third in a series of paintings which focus on the central character of a female dancer, whom I began painting as a celebratory talisman of 2017’s ‘silence breakers.’ The paintings juxtapose oblique symbols of current events, both public and private, with the fierce, free spirit of the feminine.

Sh*thole Sisterhood

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