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The much awaited end of school for NY public schools looms large. Teen lifeguards will be out of school for summer and back on that perch as of this week. The ocean is just hitting the right temp for maximum swimmability, and I am cleared to make it the Summer of Swim. I recently started reading the surf masterpiece Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan on my way to the beach. Five minutes in I was hooked on his sunset gold memoir. Thirty minutes later I was promising to lend it to the first of many friends once I finished reading. It's a Pulitzer Prize winner, so I'm not the only one who has fallen under the enchanting spell of this talented writer, and willingly I go under. The idyllic aura specifically cast around the 60s, fuzzy home movie memories in sepia tone, is an American fixation. Throw in a setting of California and Hawaii (thus far), and the deal is locked.

Transported back to this picturesque childhood, I am reminded of the simple things that run the days of my summer as well: drawing for an hour on a park bench without a goal image in mind, 4:00 margaritas, taking the train, laying around and reading in some grass or sand. Summer takes on a slower pace, punctuated by bursts of activity- frisbee or swimming, of its own accord. Relaxation becomes a respectable goal and a valid way to answer the ever-repeated question, "What you been up to?" Hope this week finds you with a good summer read, your toes in some sand and beach plans on the horizon. If you're headed to Rockaway, hit me up, or looking for some already schedule adventures there, check the Parks page.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has visited and supported the Kimmy Bikini etsy page. Your response and help along this colorful journey feed my soul. There's a new white Good Vibes necklace available-- red, white and blue, ya know. Much love.


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