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As a December baby, the last month of the year is even more weighted than the already holiday-heavy calendar would suggest. This snowballing of feasts and fests often leaves me surprised to see my birthday upon me, as is the case this year. Between planning holiday travel, inventing gifts and hauling a tree down the block, there's little time left to ruminate on goals and assessments of past, present and future. What a blessing.

One thing I like to do sometime between birthday and turn of year, is to revisit the last twelve months, mentally reviewing the remarkable and wonderful events that have happened. It is easy to forget trips taken, milestones passed, where we started from and what we thought would happen.

What we truly remember and what we think we do are quite different from one another. Coming up with this list without consulting journals or calendars puts into perspective what really makes memories, as opposed to the things we are tricked into by agendas, advertisements and egos. It often leaves me feeling more satisfied with life and priorities and less stressed about image and accomplishing checklist-oriented goals.

As the year winds down, I find myself channeling plenty of energy into painting. I'm not sure yet if this website will continue to happen as a blog or transition fully into a showcase for the visual projects I am working out. In any case, I encourage you to browse through the homepage from time to time so see what new thoughts are coming out there.

Peace and love and happy my birthday to every one of you.

Thanks for reading.


Kimmy Bikini

Him Her. Acrylic on wood. 2016.

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