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"Weathering" Heights

Dear Faye Driscoll, New York Live Arts, cast, crew, and anyone who brought "Weathering" to life,


I am not a dance connoisseur, and I only know hints of the excellence of each person involved with this show. That said, the performance I saw on Thursday, January 11th was the best piece of art I have ever seen in my entire life. Your show struck a vibrational frequency that resonated throughout my entire being. Its arc brought into physical reality my core beliefs about being a human on this planet. It was filled with the power of things that matter most and are paid least attention to in our society: touching, shedding, scents, wetness, tempo, risk, trust, balance. I wept at the idea of the platform as a metaphor for our society, something we think of as stable that has spun off its access and feels less and less anchored and anchoring. I saw plainly how we as humans naively think of ourselves as stable creatures but are also constantly changing at rates so slow we cannot ourselves witness. Even the title "Weathering" moistens my eyes with recognition of the feeling of weathering this complex existence, witnessing, bearing, breaking, and repairing through this life.

I have been attempting to relate to others the gravity of your performance. The closest I can come is the welling of tears that comes as I try to describe it. I am eternally grateful to have been present for this work of art that you all made. It shattered my soul and showed me a new plane of reality that we can only hope to make art on and for. 

Congratulations, love and thank you,

Kimmy Quillin


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