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Coppertone 1, 2, 3, Prata 1, 2, 3
Prata 2, Coppertone 2
Prata 1, Coppertone 1
Prata 3, Coppertone 3
Prata 3: Sea Storm
Coppertone 3: Incoming Tide
Prata 1: Jersey Beach
Prata 2: In Every Direction
Coppertone 1: Even the Rain
Coppertone 2: En Route, Barefoot
Robert Deniro and Ellen Degeneres
¿Qué Estudias?
Prata 1, 2, 3
Coppertone 1, 2, 3


Welcome to the warmest way to celebrate a (my) December 7th birthday! Something for you (art), something for me (paying rent), and- most importantly- something for those who make the world a better place by funding visions, feeding the community and helping those most in need. 

For this year's birthday, I'm spreading the luv by selling the paintings above (and below) at a reduced price + investing in some orgs who better the bigger picture. I'll be sharing 50% of the sales of these paintings with Activation Residency, St. John's Bread & Life, and Give Well's Maximum Impact Fund thru Dec 7.

To purchase or inquire, contact me here kindly including the name of the artwork of interest:

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Diptych paintings measure 6x8" each and are $200 per set (not available individually). 

(Left pair) Robert Deniro and Ellen Degeneres

(Right pair) ¿Qué Estudias?


Coppertone 1, 2, 3 and Prata 1, 2, 3 each form a trio of paintings, two trios total.

In each trio, there is a painting measuring 9x12", 12x12" and 11x14". (Is this a math quiz?)

$700 buys a trio (Coppertone trio or Prata trio) or, sold individually, they are for $225 for a 9x12", $275 for an 11x14", or $250 for a 12x12".

The offer to purchase a trio negates previous offers to purchase individual pieces. Follow? If you offer on one of a trio but someone else offers on the full trio before Dec 7, they will receive all three. 


Final sales of these paintings will be confirmed Dec 7th.


No one said it was easy working with me.

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