Rainbow Expecting
Rainbow Zoloft
Rainbow Cowgwrl (Alex)
Rainbow Dakota
Rainbow Zoloft study
Rainbow Cowgwrl (Alex) study
Rainbow Alex 2
Rainbow Cowgwrl (Alex) study
Rainbow Dakota study
Rainbow Dakota study
Rainbow Dakota study
Rainbow Alex 2
Rainbow Alex 1
Rainbow Butterfly
Rainbow Alex 2 study

Since March 2020, the host of the Embodiment Sessions, Alex Schmidt a.k.a Body Confidence, has led her audience through a months-long exploration as the model for her twice-weekly life drawing sessions. Shucking a traditional model-as-muse role, Schmidt has actively pushed the boundaries of her practice through her representation on screen (fishermxn, Lisa Lyon, Nancy Spungen, Cicciolina, ballerinx, cowboigorl, etc). Along the way, she has educated her attendees about body positivity vs body neutrality, model as artist, donations vs investments, and a slew of other topics both personal and political. Coupled with other empowerment-forward online life drawing sessions, including Lauren Gerrie x Lindsey Adelman and the Good Move Life Draw, these sessions have allowed me to take part in progressive circles of people across the globe multiple times a week. 


The magnetism of the resulting drawings pushed the figures from side-practice to the center of my paintings. Drawing from the strength of the models, an iconography emerged with its own corporeal vocabulary. The colossal nature and dynamic lines of the figures call for a brighter-than-life palette, simultaneously saluting the colors representing the LGTBQIA+ community, who are often the subject of these works. The rainbow portraits are bold, weighty, epic, archetypal, grounded, confrontational and assured. As a series, they crystallize the desirable characteristics that are hardest to conjure personally at this moment.



  • Alex Schmidt aka Body Confidence / Embodiment Sessions / Mon 2p Wed 8p ET (see calendar)

  • Good Move Life Draw / Alternating Sat 5p ET

  • Lauren Gerrie x Lindsey Adelman Sip ’n Sketch 'n Zoom Sessions / Fri 6p ET

  • Grayson Perry: Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Girl per Basha Harris / jewelry, poetry and model

  • Dakota Bouher / movement and model

  • Bojack Horseman / S1 E11 "Downer Ending", S3 E4 "Fish Out of Water"

  • Long Strange Trip Grateful Dead documentary by Amir Bar-Lev

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