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All That Remains

Of my own doing, Instagram and Pinterest show me thousands of dollars worth of designer swimsuits a day ranging from teeny crochet bikinis from All That Remains to better-love-your-butt beauties from Stone Fox Swim. I look at these suits, because I think they remind me of the sea (to be argued at a later date). Despite these stylized advertising efforts, there is really only one person who has shown me how to truly wear a suit.

This dream artist/designer/florist/sea queen, responsible for Herb and Dye Rockaway, has set an example of what real Beach Queens do for swimwear. Every time I spot her barefoot goodness, she is wearing some version of a slipdress or beach tank or fabric scrap that leave her suit underneath ready for action. A whimsical and unpredictable collection of bikini tops, sports bras, shorts, briefs and one-pieces amassed over a lifetime of secondhand bins and fashion hookups, this girl kills it. Could it have something to do with a neverending tan, bleachy locks and a fresh-from-the-surf bod?

What she proves is that the most important part of a swimsuit is how you feel wearing it and what you do once you're in it. Something that makes me feel exotic and confident and cool is all I need. I know about these feelings, and I know about getting into a piece of clothing and FEELING them. Feeling like dancing. Feeling like a great version of myself. What we all need is a little more of that 5-year old Kimmy Bikini confidence, no matter what we're wearing.

In the meantime, here are a couple of brands that are killing it. Making suits that stay on in the water or let you peek just here and there and leave us feeling awesome:

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