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Snow Farm, MA

I am awash in residual joy from this weekend. Coming down from a high of spending four days in a paradise of friends, fresh air and ultimate good vibes. Two of the sweetest, smartest, silliest people I know tied the knot outside of Northampton, MA, and everybody in attendance is now living to tell the love about it.

How do I explain this overabundance of happiness? Perhaps it is being out of town and away from work for the first time this summer. Perhaps the fresh, cool countryness, being in a smaller town and seeing the way life lives there. Perhaps a slower pace, an easy drive, the ability to play tunes on a car radio. These things definitely contributed.

Original Justin Kemp

More likely it is the fortune of dear friends reuniting, sharing the goal of celebrating love. Ninety percent of the most influential people from my college years onward gathered together in an epic hang. Tripping over our own puppy feet with eagerness to see each other and radiate positivity and warmth on our elected kin. Catching up on the last pivotal six years of our lives. Finding out many had married, some had married each other. Some had stayed. Some had moved away. But for the weekend, everywhere felt like home.

Not pictured here (please send photos if you have):

-The flawless rendition of and Flo Rida's "In the Ayer" by a 75-year old vet at the karaoke cum dance party at the World War II Veteran's Club on Friday

- Justin mounting a Grateful Dead poster on the wall of the artist farm's dining hall during the post-wedding dance party

-The half second pause between Justin and Rachel's perfectly hilarious nuptials ending and cuing up a five hour Bob Marley playlist

- A late Sunday afternoon drive through sun-speckled back roads up to Puffers Pond and the Montague Bookmill

- The expertly and beautifully renovated home of Rachel and Justin (domestic dream life) where Sunday hangs saved everyone's lives

Endless congratulations to Justin and Rachel and the sincerest wishes for a happy life together. Thank you for raising the bar on life, marriage and love for us all.

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