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Sometimes, the best part about living in New York is getting the heck out of town. After an extremely busy few weeks, Kirk and I promised to take a full day off together and make our way out of the five boroughs. I feel endlessly fortunate that that day came on one of the nicest of fall and, to boot, in the climaxing days of leaf change. As we made our way up the river roads to Storm King, we wondered how anything- even a 500-acre open air museum littered with world famous sculptures- could compare in beauty to the fireworks rainbow happening across the tree-covered hills of Hudson Valley. As it turns out, no competition was necessary. As we hiked the hills of the site, light bent ever more steeply across sweeping meadows and rows of trees. Works of art enhanced works of nature, echoing beauty delicately from one to the another. As the day drew to a close, we ran into friends who had escaped the city the same way we had. We marveled together at our luck in partaking of the day and kept on our exploration. Before heading home, we crossed the river into Beacon and had some suds and snacks at a great neighborhood spot called The Hops (thanks for the recommendation, Rebecca!). If you'd like to follow along with some of the visuals from the day, scroll down!

Leaving New York
Storm King
Richard Serra Storm King
Hottie spotting at Storm King

Robert Grosvenor at Storm King

Storm King

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