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Lambourghini Boyz

Last week was spent running amok in Colorado, from the tidy metropolis of Denver to the tightly knit town of Carbondale. My dad's milestone birthday was occasion to unite my far flung family in the central-enough location of Denver, drawing together our eight person inner circle fam for a great reunion. Not to be boastful, but my clan is gaga in love with each other. Perhaps because of our great geographical separation but certainly in spite of it, we spend vacation times together almost entirely wrapped up in a single room for days on end. Mirroring a herd of desert cats or Wes Anderson's family of Tenenbaums, we seek sunshine as a unit, indecisively manage meals as a unit and, most importantly, celebrate really nice cars as a unit (Hello, Porsche! Hello, Lamborghini! Thank you, Oxotic!)

Following this Quillin bliss fest, I made my way west with my honey to visit best friends living in Carbondale, CO outside of Aspen. Here I encountered my first legal dispensary (heady vibes), witnessed men loving music live on air at KDNK radio station, hiked up the tallest things I have been on outside of a skyscraper in years and spend a joyful evening soaking in the sulfuric tubs of Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

I didn't take all of the pictures possible, because nothing better signals a great time than not taking out your phone to snap shots. Included here are a few highlights captured on digifilm.

Carbondale, CO

Mushroom Rock, Carbondale, CO

Family scramble
Just my dad hiking a mountain for his 70th, Props!

Kirk driving though whiteout days later

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